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Are You Ready To Master Your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit? Dr. Deborah Drake, an expert Integrative Medicine Doctor, Coach and instructor in Bioenergetic Medicine, provides you with pivotal coaching on how to harness, tune, and tone your Brain Waves and Organ energy for optimal health, stress and pain reduction, relaxation and Peak Performance in a fun, harmonious proactive way.

Welcome to Health Counts Academy - BE200W Bioenergetics - Music Is Medicine Masterclass  

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Personalized Health coaching from Dr. Deborah Drake with 40 years experience in Medicine and Natural Integrative Medicine and Bio-energetic Coaching

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Theory and Practical applications foster great Health Coaches by optimizing the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit for Self and Others. Master Your Brain Speeds and Organs Like Instruments

Learn to map and measure your hidden stress provoking issues non-invasively with a custom Voice Print and Personalized PEMF To balance and Harmonize Your Systems. 

Using an Online Webinar platform to save time and money while learning to manage yourself and others with PEMF for relaxation, pain relief, & peak performance for a lucrative coaching career.


     Music Is Medicine

   Masterclass features

BE200W Music Is Molecules 

This introduction provides an overview of the 4 STEPS TO MASTER SELF CARE HEALTH +  the many similarities between music and minerals, as molecules for tuning organs and systems

BE201W Music is the Mind 

BE202W Music is the Body

BE204W Music is the Spirit 

BE203W Music is The Emotions

BE205W Music Integrates Us

Discover the D E F Digestion, Endocrine and Filters (Liver and Gall Bladder) Social Pleasure, Ease and Grace of a wholistic, well tuned, aware, fit and energetic Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit .

Discover the J K L for Jacket of Skin Hair and Nail Beauty, Karma of Brain Endocrine Pituitary Pineal Hypothalamus for Mood Memory and L for Love of Self and Senses

Discover the G H I for Genito-uriinary GU, Housing for Skeleton and Soft Connective Tissues plus I for Immune System Balancing 

Discover the A B C for Airway, Brain and Circulation as the Power for the Mind,  

For Your Mind, Body, 

Emotions + Spirit

Music Is Medicine


6 Evergreen Webinars

Dr. Drake Broadcasts a Weekly Webinar on internet PowerPoint and video for sharing theory in short segments and recorded for replay at your convenience. 

6 Brain Wave Interlude

12 Bodymusic Interludes 

Listen to spontaneous live jam sessions by Deb (Annie) Drake on piano, guitar or drumming to explore the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit of the Cardinal Elements of North, East, South and West 

Experience the 6 brain speeds with binaural beat music in 432 hertz natural pitch, using Campbell Foster's Computational Synthesis method to meditate or arouse your brain.

The 6 Part Premium Course Offers The Masterclasses  Multimedia Webinars plus Music Brain Wave Entrainment Meditations with original compositions by Dr. Deborah Drake and Campbell Foster, who designed a series of songs for the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit to demonstrate Brain Wave Entrainment for Stress, Pain and  Relaxation Interludes, and Bonus Light VIbration Lecture

           Premium               Memberships 

Music is Medicine   

Music Interludes 

and Light Vibration

Light Vibration Webinar

Dr. Drake Interview with World-Renowned Psychic Medium Mari on the Subject of Light Vibration and the understanding of our Soul Code

Dr. Drake Broadcasts a Weekly Webinar on internet PowerPoint and video for sharing theory in short segments and recorded for replay at your convenience.

6 Evergreen Webinars

Dr. Drake Broadcasts a Weekly Webinar on internet powerpoint and video for sharing theory in short  segments and recorded for replay at your convenience. 

6 Brain Wave Interlude

12 Bodymusic Interludes 

6 PEMF Tutorials 

6 Resources 

Light Vibration Webinar

Dr. Drake interview with world renowned psychic medium Mari on the subject of LIGHT VIBRATION and the understanding of the Sound of our SOLE CODE. 

Address your own self care with PEMF Devices such as AmpCoil powered by BetterGuide acoustic magnetic therapy applied to the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit for balancing Homeostasis.

In order to coach yourself of others, you need to know your equipment options technically in order to balance bioterrain, keep current with knowledge and learn apprenticeship skills for best Bioenergetics Practices. 

The 6 Part Professional Course Provides Masterclass Multimedia Webinars, Plus Music Interludes, Tutorials, Resources 

in 6 Segments for 36 Study Credits

Music Is Medicine           Professional

Masterclass, PEMF Tutorials & Resources

4 Steps to Master the Key Elements of Optimal Health 

In this Music Is Medicine Introduction, Dr. Drake reviews the :

1. The Top 5 Health Trends and Impediments in the internal and external environmental causing adverse risks to health

2. The 3 Basics of Bioterrain for metabolic, weight, immune, and circulation control

3. The Key to Mirroring Mother Nature's Circadian Rhythm for Anatomically Correct Health Symmetry by balancing the Yin Yang Organ Pair of the Mind, Body, Emotions, And Spirit

4. Amplifying the Health Equation with Bioenergetic Music, Brain Entrainment, and Tools to Augment the depth and speed of Homeostasis control.

5. Summary of Next Steps and opportunities for further learning.

Music Is Molecules


Step 1 - The 5 Top Health Paradigm Shifting Trends

·        It is safe to say that optimal health on the inside is predicated on an optimal environment on the outside of the body. 

·        The constant stream of new insults, pollutants, Electromagnetic stress, smog, WIFI, and 5G wireless communications, the Medical community toxic load of pharmaceuticals, the industrial exposures, and the hereditary load on a person can be overwhelming. 

·        We need to recognize the source of harmful environments and practices to overcome them. 

·        Luckily, new modern technology can assist non-invasively to clear the backlog of past traumas, stress, pain and assist in relaxation, cleansing, and detoxification pathway stimulation to keep up with the ongoing onslaught or backlog

Step 2 - The 3 Basics of Bioterrain Energy & Vitality


·        This course focuses on the fundamental principles of life, like in the ocean where the prime life-giving forces of water, minerals, and acid-base balance produces the optimal environment for all of life, which is dependent on oxygen transfer, nutrition and the wave-like pumping action of the ocean.

·        The analogy of how the body energy systems depend on this critical mix kept in balance called HOMEOSTASIS is the knowledge underpinning of all science and physiology. 

·        Learn to master these three conditions of Bioterrain Hydration, Mineralization and Oxygenation for a long healthy life.

Step 3 - Mirror Mother Nature for Symmetry in Health

·        No other recipe in nature is as wise as the time tested, genetically programmed adaptations to the survival of the species. The glory of following the natural rhythms, resonance, and timing of nature is a mirror to healthy practices. 

·        We review the key circadian rhythms of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, and the seasonal rotation of the colors, elements, and foods for various organ systems successful operation. 

·        The body, well and regularly cleansed, with have success overcoming the stressors of the ever-changing environment. This section reviews the need for mineralization of various wavelengths of color and chemistry to maintain normal metabolism. 

·        We review the rainbow of ORGANS Supporting the Mind (ABC), Body, (DEF), Emotions (GHI), and Spirit (JKL). By Tuning and toning each paired Yin and Yang Organ, you will learn to align and balance your CHAKRAS with healthy vibrations of music, cleansing, brain speed regulation, with concordant supportive nutrition. 

·        Once you address the reduction of oxygen, causing Stress, Pain, Lack of Relaxation and interfering with Peak Performance, the entire health equation can be modified, improved, and even resolved with proper practices. Key tips and Strategies for this will be revealed.

Step 4 - Amplify Health Equation with Bioenergetic Tools for Homeostasis

     Learn the modern integrative health coaching tools for self-evaluation, self-development, and self-mastery. 

·        Using Biotechnology, such as Bioenergetic Sensor like Voice Analysis, and Biofeedback and Brain entrainment interface software hardware systems like PEMF Coiling, learn how you can now better map your health concerns non-invasively for a Better Guide in your health journey. 

·        Seek to reveal through subtle bioresonance signatures buried in the body electric, including voice analysis invisible issues of distortion, detectable early, well below the threshold of disease detection, but important nonetheless, for the clues as to the optimal performance and maintenance of the organism through preventative strategies, long before the disease can set in. 

Easy Self Care Coaching Tips

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3 Day trial period allows you time to enjoy the lessons and layout to feel comfortable with this modular online library archive of self development and coaching strategies. 

Bonus Lectures and Concerts from enlightened instructors and guests helps you appreciate and implement the brain wave stimulating strategies and total body organ balancing for optimizing health, fitness, happiness and creativity.


Dr. Deborah Drake

Integrative Medicine Doctor, 

Doctor Of Humanitarian Services

Director of the Department of Bioenergetics

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine 

Email: info.healthcounts@gmail.com

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Music Is Medicine 

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Is Prior Experience Necessary

Any person of any age layperson, Coach, or pro, with no health or music experience, or background can benefit, including those with health challenges needing coaching on self-care from home.

Are there any study credits?

Is Equipment Necessary?

Is the Cost of PEMF Included?

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No, the cost of your personal PEMF device or Coiling apparatus, amplifier, and sound generation software (ie AmpCoil powered by BetterGuideApp tutorial) is not included in this coursework and can be purchased separately through HealthCounts.ca 

This 6 part 36 hour series can be taken at your own speed and timing due to the convenience of EVERGREEN WEBINARS in our replay room.  

The ZKart delays your credit card payment to allow a 3 day no questions asked trial period so check it out and email within 3 days of purchase if it's not for you or you will be charged a refund fee

Yes, this full course provides you with 36 study credits which may qualify towards certification by towards Integrative Health Coach Degree or CEU's for health professionals from the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine 

An internet connection is required along with a computer, tablet or cellphone to access the cloud based online webinars tutorials and Music Gallery of resources

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